Are You Stuck In Your Business And
Not Sure Where To Turn for Answers?

Many times we just need reassurance that we're heading in the right direction. Other times we are stuck on just one thing and need some guidance. In either case just having someone to talk to that "gets it" will save hours if not days of frustration.

That is why the one hour consultation with Frank is a smart choice. During this one hour session you can talk to Frank about your business/marketing challenges, product ideas, design problems, or even website technical issues. And if for some reason he can't answer your question, Frank will locate an answer for you if at all possible.

These consultations can be recorded and are completely confidential and secured by a confidentiality agreement.

Here Is Why You Should Hire Frank To Consult With

Frank Deardurff - That One Web Guy

Frank Deardurff III

Frank Deardurff has been in graphics most of his life, working as a technical illustrator and draftsman after college for over 40 years of graphics experience.

Add to that 25+ years in Marketing experience; 35+ years in computer networking and consulting; and 20+ years in online websites and development working for himself and many of the top online marketers in the industry.

Frank is co-founder and co-developer of services that have been running online for over 20 years now. Products and services such as Yurpl (Formerly known as Ask Database), WP Affiliate Toolbox, PayBlue and others. As well as a published author.

In addition to that 25+ years of providing online training for clients, customers and students for himself and other coaching groups and that brings a well rounded resume of experience to the table to help answer what is challenging you in your business.

What Kind of Topics Can We Discuss During This Consultation?

That is a very good question, and while the reply could be "What ever you need to talk about" it helps to have some direction.

Availability is on a first come first served basis. Register for your consultation today and we will reply to you quickly about getting your time scheduled.

  • How Do I Get Started Online?
  • What Information Do I Need?
  • How Much Does it Cost?
  • Am I Using the Right Services?
  • What Plugins Should I use?
  • Suggested Web Site Theme
  • How Can I Get My Site to do That?
  • How do I hire a developer/webmaster?
  • How Can I get More Traffic?
  • Can I get Better Search Engine Listings?
  • What Am I Missing On My Website?
  • How Can I Improve Customer Follow Up?
  • How Do I Take Online Payments?
  • How Can I Get More Customer Leads?
  • Product Idea How Do I Start?
  • How Can I Create Content?
  • Creating A Membership Site
  • Hiring Assistant/Developer
  • How to Create Videos?
  • How Can I Build My Brand?
  • Writing A Book
  • Book Cover Design

Get Started Right Away

Because of the projects and clients Frank is already working with, availability is on a first come first served basis. Register for your consultation today and we will reply to you quickly about getting your time scheduled.