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How To Fix Site Speed

increase SEO by improving site speed

In this video tutorial about how to fix site speed I show you the free resources I use and how you can even fix many of the issues your self.

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Background Image Resource

This is a resource I’ve located recently and for 2017 I plan on adding more resources that I use or have found that I think are useful to you for your business or website. On a website project, I’ve been working for one of my services. for the website I’m building it with different information…

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WordPress Theme and Plugin Detector

In this video I show you how you can use a cool Google Chrome extension in your browser to see what WordPress Theme a site is using a long with the WordPress Plugins they have installed.

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Free Stock Photo Sites

As we use more and more stock photos it seems our budgets are getting slammed with the price of the paid stock photo services. I know being a web guy, I use a lot of stock photos for my self and my clients. Many places when we use stock photos they are for social media,…

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Divi WordPress Theme Review

This is a theme I’ve recently located and really like the functionality of it. You can check this WordPress Theme review in the video and see what you think for yourself. They offer a really great deal on it which you can see by clicking here.

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Go To Webinar Conversion Encoding

Being web tech geek (aka webmaster) I frequently have to post videos for myself and clients to the web in some cases you run into an issue with the file type which is the reason for this post. I thought I would share my steps to save others out there a few hours of frustration.…

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Not Accounting For Browser Differences

I’m back with another edition of my podcast show. In this episode we talk about why you want to check your website in various web browsers, how to handle too much email and I answer a listeners question. And as I had hoped from last week the podcast show is now listed in iTunes which…

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WordPress Sales Letter

As I mentioned yesterday I’m starting the new year with trying to write a blog post every day or almost everyday. I want to focus on posts that help you and your business. Today’s post is a resource I know you’ll like. I know one of the things that slow me down when trying to…

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WordPress Themes do make a difference with SEO

More and more sites are utilizing WordPress to create their websites. Why? It’s a proven fact that search engines “love” wordpress layout. Many site owners love WordPress as well simply because of the ease of use it’s so simple anyone can do it. Fact is, it is so easy to update the site your self…

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50 Biggest for Ebook Readers

It looks like my book “50 Biggest Website Mistakes: Secrets to Getting More Traffic, Converting More Customers, & Making More Sales ” is now available on your favorite electronic book reader. If you have a Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, or the Sony book reader you can now get the book that I co-wrote…

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Legally Speaking

This mistake is pretty common across most websites on the web today. We know we’ve gotten in a hurry ourselves and made this mistake, but it’s critical to be sure not to make this mistake and it is easily remedied. What we’re talking about here is the required legal mumbo jumbo on our websites. Not…

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My Top Blog List

I was originally going to do this list awhile back, and make a list from nominated blogs (and I may still do that) but the list I have here is a list of blogs I actually check at least once a month, some of these I check more regularly than others and several I read…

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