Why Do We Stress So Much?

why do we stress

We let so many little things get to us any more. I see it every day and it makes me wonder, Why DO we stress so much?  I think we’ve become a society of worry warts. We can’t say or do this or that because it “might” offend someone. As business owners we second guess…

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How Did That Happen?


Have you ever start working on something and come back later to make changes and think to yourself “How did that happen?” Or, maybe “What was I thinking there?”

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Realize for 2017

realize 2017

2016 was quite a busy year for me. I hope it was prosperous for you as well. In this post, I want to share what my hopes and plans are for the year ahead and beyond.

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It Is What I Am And What I Do

Art Work From Fran Deardurff III

As my tag line says I’m an Artist and yet I’ve not posted any artwork here. Mainly because I’ve kept this site focused on marketing and online business topics. But as I say that it was my passion for art that got me to where I am today actually. I have been drawing as far…

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How Do You Spend It?


This thought came to me as I look through my closet, across my desk and then also as I check spending habits on my bank statements. I’m thinking do I really need this, is it really worth the value that we’ve placed on it? So, I’ll ask you the same question, “How do you spend…

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My Focus for 2016


Each year I set out to make this year better than the last and to do that I focus on on a keyword or keyword phrase. If you’ve read my posts over previous years you would see that I’ve chosen words like “Simplify” or “Focus” last year it was the phrase “It’s Okay To Say…

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Good Luck Online Support

support maze

This is the type of support I’ve been running into of late when dealing with larger companies, “Good Luck” on finding support.   Some days it’s just so difficult to find an answer to a challenge you are having with an online service or product. I am sure I’m not the only one that runs…

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Hard Drive Fiasco & Data Recovery

hard drive data loss

Being a tech geek sometimes can have some disadvantages. Just a warning this post might get a little lengthy depends on where the story takes me as I share a recent account of a partial self-induced tech nightmare. I’ve been dabbling in PC hardware, since the mid 80’s actually my first real experience with PC’s…

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Recharging Your Batteries

recharging your batteries

In this fast pace lifestyle that most of us live these days, its always go, go, go. Eating on the run, talking on the cell phone while doing three other things, and hardly taking any time to sit down and enjoy. We do this in our personal lives as  well as our business lives. We…

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August is for Great Triumphs – Part Two

dont quit

In my last post I explained how August was named in honor of the first Roman Emperor because it was a month of great triumphs.  This post is in honor of my Mother and how I’ve learned first hand to never just except what life gives you and to never give up! It’s also a…

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