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Discussion at MCT Day Chicago

MCT Day Chicago, May 2nd 2015

Something I enjoy doing is helping others learn, I’ve been been involved in some form of training for over 20 years now. Recently I’ve been asked to lead a discussion in one of my favorite cities… Chicago Illinois – if you didn’t know I’m a BIG fan of Chicago sports, I follow the Bears, Cubs,…

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Stuck Getting Started

Have you fell into the rut of where to get started? Do I buy the domain first, hosting? what do I sell etc, etc… the list goes on and on. At some point we all fall into that “writers block” sitting there watching the cursor blink on the screen not knowing what to right first.…

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Web Graphics Explained is Here

I just want to quickly tell you about my newest course that I’ve just launched. It’s called Web Graphics Explained and it’s an Online 4 part Webinar series I’m teaching live starting this month. I’ll be covering how to create the web graphic elements I use for my websites and Ask Campaigns as-well-as some…

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Web Graphics Challenges

As a web developer, designer, and online business owner, I’m on the web a lot I get questions from time to time about utilizing graphics on web pages or other components of web business. Plus I see a lot of miss use of web graphics on websites. Because of what I do online and the…

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Online Success Replay Posted

I had a great teleseminar with Dr. Jeanette Cates yesterday where we answered the most asked questions regarding “Challenges About Creating The Online Success You Deserve”. You can listen to the replay for free over at I’m sure you’ll gather some good notes as you listen in to this call. I’ll be posting the…

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What’s Stopping You?

That One Teleseminar continues this month with an interview with my good friend Dr. Jeanette Cates. The question we’d like your input on is this… “What’s the single biggest challenge keeping you from creating the online success you deserve?” On this riveting call, Jeanette Cates will share: the big mistake you’re probably repeating unconsciously…

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Let’s Help More Babies Be Healthy!

I hope you’re having a great weekend, just two quick items I wanted to tell you about for next week. I want to tell you about a benefit webinar series I’m hosting titled “Web Business Crash Course”. Any one that donates at least $25 to the March of Dimes through my page will get to…

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Teleseminar Recording Replay

Last month we had a great interview with Recorded Moments We answered as many questions on the call as we could. Some of the questions were: What are the main considerations for choosing a recording service? What are the best tools for recording teleseminars / webinars? How can I get the best quality sound…

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Transcription Replay Posted

Recently I hosted a teleseminar on transcription services, where we answered questions that were submitted to an ask campaign we had set up. We received more questions than we thought possible. Questions like: What’s the best resource to use. What is transcription. Ways to use transcribed material. And many more. This replay is not available…

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Questions about Recording Teleseminars

Just a quick post to let you know I’m having another teleseminar that you can listen in live at no cost. On this call I’m asking my good friends at Recorded Moments questions about recording teleseminars and interviews as well as other audio questions that you submit. To take part in this call just…

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Free Transcription Teleseminar

On Thursday February 26th , 2009 4pm Eastern I will be interviewing Janette Buckhaulter of Success Transcripts about the most asked questions regarding turning your audio into income. This is a free call to listen live simply visit and submit your question enter your name and email. We will be sharing details of ways…

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Newsletter and Kicking off 2009

2009 is just around the corner and if you’ve not put plans in place to make 2009 even better than 2008 nows the time to get moving on those plans. First off Armand Morin has created the Internet Marketing Newsletter if you are unsure who Armand is he is one of the leaders in the…

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