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Pocket App Review

I don’t know about you, but I know that I look at a lot of articles and posts that I intend to go back and read. Sometimes I just can’t remember to do that or forget what site it was even if I book mark them. Recently, I found an app called Pocket that I…

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How To Write A Book Even If You’re Not A Writer

When we were young, our imaginations ran wild. We might have dreamed of being a superhero or follow in the footsteps of a role model in our lives. We imagined growing up to achieve greatness. As time goes on, the dream of being a superhero (for some) passes, we still have those dreams of grandeur…

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We Have Contact

We have contact, or do we? Why do so many companies make it so difficult to contact them? Here are some thoughts on improving how customers contact you.

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Wasted Traffic

People say traffic is one of the most important things you need for your online business. While I agree to a point, it does no good if…

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Background Image Resource

This is a resource I’ve located recently and for 2017 I plan on adding more resources that I use or have found that I think are useful to you for your business or website. On a website project, I’ve been working for one of my services. for the website I’m building it with different information…

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Why You’re Not Building Your List

I think at many times I’ve asked myself “why am I not getting more subscribers to my list?” Or what am I doing wrong with list building? Well in this post I’m going to point out some things I’m doing and help explain “Why You’re Not Building Your List”. I like to try to get…

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Improve Your Independent Consulting Business


It seems there are more and more independent consultants around recently. It maybe that I’m just more aware due to the fact I know several friends that are consultants. I thought I would write this tip to help those friends and others that are in the independent consulting business. For those of you that are…

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What is Mobile Friendly Design Anyway?

Whether you search the web looking for products or have a website with products of your own you may have ran across a few of the following terms. Mobile Friendly Design; a Mobile Friendly Website; Responsive Website, Fluid Design etc. Simply put a “Mobile Friendly Website” is one that has been designed to best fit…

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