Don't Let The Fear of Technology
Keep You From Creating The Podcast
You've Always Wanted

In Just About 60 Minutes From Now, You Will Have The
Information You Need To Create Your First Podcast

Grab this training if you are looking at creating a podcast but don't know where to start

In this 60-minute training course, I will explain to you what a podcast is, discuss possible content you could have on your podcast show as well as tell you the exact resource you need to create your podcast. Many of the tools and resources I will show you how to use you may already have on hand or can get for little or no money.

This is NOT just some quick outline or ebook that gives you the basics and leaves you guessing what's next. In this video training, I explain it all from start to finish. I also provide you with an outline so you can print out the steps and repeat at any time. And if you still have questions I will be able to get your questions answered at any time.

In this video training course you WILL see and hear me explain:

    • What is a podcast
    • Why you need a podcast
    • What Hardware you will need
    • What Software you will need
    • Where to get these resources


  • How to actually use these resources
  • Where to host your podcast(s)
  • How To create and setup your website
  • How to get your podcast on iTunes

Create Your Podcast Show Today!

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