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frank_deardurffFrom time to time I receive requests for a personal one-on-one Website Critique but due to time limits for projects I am working on I am limited to the number of personal critiques I am able to schedule.

If you’ve come to this page and there is an opt-in from below you can submit a request which will add you on the next to notify list.

Of course if I have spots open you will find an order button below.

During this website critique I will review the site you submit live on a one-on-one call with you which I will record. I will look at the WHOLE website including logo; graphic design; user interaction, what’s missing; page layout; and much more.

After a recent website critique the person started implementing just some of the ideas. As he was making changes a new annual subscription came in for his membership site.

Now of course you need to implement these suggestions and of course these are just my suggestions from things I have seen being a direct response marketing webmaster for 15 years now.

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