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Join Me Tuesday October 18th for a
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Website Review From The Eyes of a Marketing Web Master

monitorscreenshotThis is the first and only time I am planning to offer this unique webinar for free. I will choose TWO (2) websites to critique live on the call. I’ll take the years of experience I have from being a direct response webmaster for some of the biggest names on the internet as well as being an entrepreneur myself.

Even if you chose not to have your site critiqued or yours is not selected you will learn something on this webinar that can possibly help you with your website.


Discover What’s Wrong and How to Fix it!

Many of the other website critiques out there they tell you what’s wrong but then what? Your still at square one, except you now know you have a problem as well.

Not only will I critique the websites but I’ll provide additional training on this call related to websites meaning I’ll pick an element or two and show you how to fix these elements live on the training call.

As an added bonus the two sites picked will receive a copy of my new book “50 Biggest Website Mistakes” Plus I’ll give away at least one additional copy to someone at random at the end of the session.

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