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I never really considered myself a “writer”. I mean the thought did cross my mind growing up that it would be cool to write a book, but I thought I would be the last person I know to actually write a book of any kind.   Now if you were to search Amazon for my…

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Does Your Book Cover Have A Reason Why For The Reader

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This is final part of the 3-part series “3 Things You Should Consider When Choosing a Book Cover Design” Something that keeps a book from getting purchased is that the reader can’t tell what’s in it for them. They’re interested in the book, they have it in their hands and then put it down without…

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Is Your Book Title Intriguing Enough

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This is part two in a three part series on 3 Tips for Better Book Cover Design if you missed part one click here. When the potential reader DOES look at your book cover and then reads the title, will the title intrigue them to want to read the sub title, or even flip the…

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