Web Site Branding Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes I see with a webiste is lack of identity, something that the visitor can recognize as your brand whether it is a definable logo; tag line; or color theme; be sure to carry that identifier through the whole sales process.

Let me explain, to many times I’ve seen an optin page (the page a visitor comes to on first visit to give name and email) that either was pretty basic or had one look and feel and then after the visitor opted in have yet another look and feel, only to be followed up by the shopping cart or order page that yet was a total disconnect from the previous two pages.

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Web Site Mistake Using Images Improperly

I’m sure you’ve visited a webiste where a person’s picture looked pixelated or spotted. Or an image had ragged edges, or even yet an image on a colored background that had a white border to it. The reason is that the right image type was not used for the right purposes. Below you will discover the right reasons to use each of the web approved file formats.

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Web Site mistakes using the Title Tag

This has to be “THE” biggest mistake I see or maybe it is the mistake that bugs me the most. This mistake happens literally over millions of times on the internet. What is this major mistake I see website owners make? It’spoor use of or not using your web page title. The Web page title…

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