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A lot happened this past year personally and professionally. My wife and I hit our 25th wedding anniversary, not that I doubted we’d reach that milestone, I feel blessed that I’ve found someone that understands me and still supports my dreams as I do hers. Speaking of being blessed, both of my grandchildren turned 1 this year pretty exciting times ahead watching them I’m sure.

Professionally – it was a busy year I completed 4 webinar series all of which are available. Web Graphics Explained; Webpage Secrets Revealed; Easy Websites 101; and a complete revamp of WordPress Strategies

Additionally I completed my first book – 50 Biggest Website Mistakes I self published the first edition and I’m currently working with Morgan James Publishing to get it released there. Look for it on Amazon soon.

My goal for 2010 was to “Simplify”, In doing this I looked at things that was complicating how I did things in my daily work habits. I started working from home a lot more instead at our downtown offices. I also looked at things I’ve put on the back burner and asked myself “really?, can you seriously ever get to this”. That was important for me to narrow down my focus and clear off some “ideas” I thought might be good but I hadn’t done the real research to see if it was feasible to achieve. This helped clear off my to do list somewhat and helped me clear out dozens of domains that I’ve watch renew too many times and think “oh yeah, I need to do something with that”.

2011 my goal will be to continue with the “simplify” process, but the key goal will be to “take action”.

Take action, could mean several things like instead of piling things on my desk until later take action on it if at all possible and put it away. Take action on finishing even more projects. I have an update that I’ve been working on for Affiliate Tool Generator, not to mention two WordPress Plugins near completion.

Also take action on marketing what is already done and about to be done. Take Action on many things that have been sitting. I think it is easiest for me to focus on one goal or key phrase like “Simplify” or “Take Action” instead of a list of unachievable “resolutions”.

Putting this goal in print in public also helps me want to make it happen. I hope you take a moment as we get started in 2011 to look back at 2010 and build upon it for 2011 and have an even more successful year than last.

What goal are you looking to achieve in 2011? what resources will you use to help you get there?

I wish you all much success in 2011 and look forward to your comments!

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