Recently someone wrote in and asked “I’m already on your list why do you send me to the opt-in page of your latest promotion?”. Well actually that is a good question and I can understand why they’d be curious so let me explain the reasoning behind this.

Obviously when someone comes to one of my sites they are entered into an optin list for that product as well as my newsletter optin list. I do this for the reason if they no longer want to learn about the site they opted in about they can still receive information from me.

The purpose of having some one opt-in at the next site is that each site has a limited number of automated responses about that product and for them to get all of the details and follow up messages it is necessary to have them opt-in at each site. And as we’ve learned over and over many people don’t buy on the first visit for various reasons but with using the follow ups they tend to come back and buy when the time is right for them.

Alex Mandossian said it best, autoresponders are like courting a future spouse, we all know you don’t ask for marriage on the first date. So when creating a new product we have to court that new prospect sometimes longer than others to get the opportunity for them to be a customer.

I hope this explanation makes better since on the need to opt-in at each site when someone has multiple sites.

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  1. Darrin Clement on December 12, 2008 at 11:09 am

    Good summary Frank. So it sounds like when someone opts-in, they are added to the specific list as well as a “master list”? Can you share what autoresponder system you use in order to automate that?


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