an Obvious truthI have to share something with you…

I’ve been online for a long time now creating designs and web pages for others.

Over the last 5 years I’ve started creating products and being more productive with my own marketing. At first I was making it harder than it needed to be and then I learned the truth about internet marketing.

How did I learn about the obvious truth? Well I started working with and for mentors that knew what it was and how to achieve that online success I had seen them achieve.

What I really want to share with you is this, IT’S NOT THAT HARD….

Here’s proof

My good friend and mentor Armand Morin has done very well online and I have learned a lot working with him and for him and now he is sharing this with anyone that wants to know the truth about internet marketing.

Simply claim this free ebook where he outlines the EXACT STEPS to get going on online, you will be suprised how easy it really is.

Don’t wait until later you will thank yourself if you go now to: and read this ebook.

I wish you all the best and much success in everything you do.

Frank Deardurff – That One Web Guy!

P.S. – If you would rather download this ebook simply right click (cmd+click for macs) on this link to download and select “Save Link As…” and select a location on your hard drive you remember. If you don’t already have Adobe acrobat or a pdf reader visit

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