It’s the only way I can explain the events from this past weekend. Awesome!

This past weekend I traveled to Northern Tennesse for the funeral services of a great person and good friend Dave Mitchell of

Of course none of us look forward to going to an event like this but I must say in reflecting back it was an enjoyable celebration of life.

Sure I am sad to see Dave pass on but yet his faith and the faith of his family made it not a sorrowful event but almost rejoiceful because of the ultimate goal after leaving this earth to move upward. To have that type of belief is awesome.

They live in a part of Tennesse that remains unchanged from the fast paced life of today. A time where people take time for their neighbors and are respectful even in passing. I will never forget this weekend how the community stopped what they were doing as the funeral precession passed by. Everyone actually stopped what they were doing and paused to show their respect. Young and old alike stopped working on cars, playing outdoor games and other activities, removed their hats if wearing them and just paused to show respect for the family as we passed.

There is much more like great music from family groups to share in this celebration of life not a sorrowful ending. I must say this is how it should be. I have to say thanks to the Mitchell Family for allowing me to be apart of this celebration and enlightening me.

Borrowing a phrase for a marketing advertisment as I often do I can only think “atta-boy Dave!”

You may not be with us physically but will always be with us in thought!

~ Frank – That One Web Guy!

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