I know I have written alot about the Big Seminar of late and there is good reason.

 The Big Seminar  is the biggest event for online marketers. I have attended 7 of the previous 8 Big Seminar and if I can help Iwill not miss another.

Why do you ask? well its simple each time I go I meet new people get new ideas that generate more cash for me and make life long friends.

Not only do you get plenty of chances to build joint ventures but you receive alot of training in many areas to help you boost your business past any competitor you might have.

Big Seminar  is only 3 weeks away but that still gives you plenty of time to make arrangements to go. Hopefully I will see you there. And if you want to learn even more come a day early and attend my workshop where I will lead you through several online tools that will help you build your business or even help you get your businesss started.

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Thanks and I hope I see you in Atlanta

Frank Deardurff – That One Web Guy!

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