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As I mentioned I was going to post about Big Seminar sooner but there was other news that took presidence.

Big Seminar week was awesome. I arrived in Atlanta on Wednesday before Big Seminar happened and there were already people in the lobby that I knew so the networking started immediately. If I have said it once I’ve said it 100 times networking alone is worth the cost of attending an event like this. On Thursday I hosted That One Workshop which was a full day of training on online tools and was well received by all that attended. You can visit the site still and pre order the physical product at an unheard of price.

On Friday Big Seminar kicked off and was awesome from minute one. Nearly 450 people where at the event many of which I got to met as I network as much as possible. I of course was out at the sales table most of the event helping out my good friends at Speaker Fulfillment Services they fulfill and duplicate all of my products as well.

It seems every night there was a networking event somewhere either hosted by Big Seminar or one of the corporate attendees. Saturday was another day full of great information followed by the Awards banquet (great meal) on top of passing out affiliate checks at the event there were plenty of door prizes I think there was about 15 brand new laptops plus ipods and video ipods. And ofcourse during the Awards banquet the winner of the AM2 Better your Best contest was awarded. Grand prize was a brand new Saturn Sky which my good friend Ray Edwards won with an out standing presentation. More on AM2 coming up in following post.

Sunday the event wrapped up with even more speakers delivering awesome content. I was sad to see the event come to an end as it was a great event alot of new friends and possible jv’s where made. Luckily I am an AM2 member and got to attend a special event for AM2 members on Monday that last most of Monday as well.

If you have not been to a Big Seminar start making plans to attend the next one. It will be in Atlanta and is schedule for spring of 2007. I most likely will be doing another workshop you can attend at no additional cost if you sign up through me just like I did for this event. I will be sending out an Ask Campaign soon to find out what you would want to learn at the next workshop.

As I had mentioned you can take of the early bird preorder for the workshop that just happened at  the preorder price won’t be posted long.

If you got to attend this past Big Seminar go ahead and post a comment about what you thought of the event. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time I wish you all the best and much success in everything you do.

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