Well as I’ve said many times for the past month I’ll be attending Big Seminar this week. We’re Driving down to Atlanta on Thursday. I’ll be there helping my good friend Bret Ridgway of Speak Fulfillment Services at that back of the room sales table and Book Store.

My business partner Zachary McCullough will be attending this event as well he and I are two of the three cofounders for Ask Database so if you have any questions or suggestions be sure to stop and ask either one of use.

Hopefully you’ve already made your arrangements for Big Seminar if you’ve not you can still take advantage of our Big Seminar Bonus Package found at http://www.ThatOneBigSeminar.com we’re adding over $1,700 in actual value just for registering for Big Seminar through us.

Big Seminar is such a great time. I’ll be making a few more posts before we go about Big Seminar and I’ll be making some posts while I’m there. If you do make it though make sure to stop and introduce yourself if we’ve not met! Looking forward to seeing you there.

All the best and much success!

Frank Deardurff III – That One Web Guy!

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