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Does Your Book Cover Design Grab Attention

This is the first of a 3 part series which was created with the hopes of saving you a lot of time, money and headaches when planning your book cover design.

It was written for those that are getting ready to publish a book (physical or digital) or maybe those that have a book already but are not getting the sales they are wanting.

You always hear people say “You can’t judge a book from its cover”. While this may be true to a point, the fact is that it happens every day. People DO judge a book by its cover. I would guess that 95% of the time a person will pick up a book because it’s visually appealing.

The best way to think about this is to envision yourself in a bookstore and you’re walking down the aisle. How are far are you from the book shelves at any given point? In most bookstores I’ve been in, you would be a couple of feet away from the shelf itself.

Many times you just see the book spine but in some instances the book cover is placed outward so that you can see them as you walk past. Same at Newsstands, or Airports, Bus stations etc.

At 3 to 5 feet away you most likely can’t even read the book title, right? You need something in your cover design that will reach out and grab their attention, and draw them in closer to read your Title.

This can be done in several ways, whether it is a one word or short title in a large bold font, to an eye appealing graphic that makes the potential reader want to pick it up and check it out further. It may even be a great color combination that stands out more than the others on the shelf next to it.

In this digital world we live in, we must also consider online shoppers where they have access to millions of titles at their fingertips. You only have a split second in many cases to grab their eye as they are scrolling or swiping past hundreds of covers in a matter of minutes. Scrolling, scrolling,scrolling until something screams for attention. Your Book has to have visual appeal to make them want to take a second longer to find out more, some aspect that makes them want to check it out.

The best way to decide what will grab your readers attention is to know who your readers are!

[li type=”glyphicon-ok”] Think about who your reader actually is.[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”] Are they male or female, or both?[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”] What colors appeal to them?[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”] What designs appeal to them?[/li]
[li type=”glyphicon-ok”] What are other books they may have read?[/li]

Research your market; check out online bookstores for your topic and see what are best sellers in your area. On many of those sites you will see “People who have bought this book have also bought…” are there similarities in design of those books?

Here is an exercise for you:

Go to and go to the section your book will be in.

Sit back in your chair so you can’t really see the title and make note of what covers grab your eye.

What elements of that book made you pick out that cover from the others on the page?

Take note of the items from each of the lists above before proceeding to the next section which will be published soon.

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