My friend Armand Morin and had an interesting post on his blog which created a lot of Buzz.

And then another blog I like reading(Michel Fortin’s) created more buzz literaly.

Check it out the story here

Definetly worth checking out.

Frank –

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  1. Susan on July 2, 2006 at 3:00 pm

    To Armand, In my opinion as an older wonam, (say 50 is coming soon), I like you either way. However as stated above, you look much older with it and much younger without it. So what does your wife say? Do you have a wife? If so her opinion is really the only one that counts. If she likes it grow it back, if not dont. My husband looks like the devil with a goatee. So I will not let him grow it. He’s native american so he can only grow hair around his mouth and down to his chin and then a little peachy pubecent frock in the middle. But I gave you my opinion. Good luck. Susie

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