Word Document File Sizes

Over the past month I’ve been trying Google Docs I’ve used it in the past in a pinch but recently I decided to use it on a more regular basis. My goal for this year is to “simplify” and doing that I’ve been looking at ways to be able to work more readily where ever…

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Staying Productive No Matter What

Over the past week I’ve ran into some unavoidable interruptions in my daily procedures. Things where I had to be away from my PC and yes before I continue I did suffer from Discomgooglation which is symptoms when people are deprived of ability to get their Internet “fix.” Any way as I was saying  I…

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Twoogle – Gitter what will it be?

It seems that Google and twitter are in talks according to this article at Tech crunch. This will be interesting to see how this plays out will it remain Twitter or become Gitter or even become Twoogle. Interesting either way, If you are on twitter I can be found at

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Google Chrome is So Fast

Ok if you haven’t tried it out yet you must Google Chrome is very fast pretty cool technology. I’ll be back later with more details would love your feedback if you are trying it out. If not go get Google Chrome worth trying it out.   Frank – That One Web Guy

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