Expert marketing strategies revealed…

Some friends and I are getting grilled:

That’sright this week me and several of my marketing friends are getting grilled on marketing strategies.

The thing is: the level of experts that are participating during this telewebcast is so awesome that one night is not enough. You’ll get to eaves drop on 9 marketing strategists over 3 nights.

Besides the market insights I’ll be sharing, you’ll learn a great deal from the other 8 marketing superstars, they are:

  • Joe Polish
  • John Carlton
  • Brad Fallon
  • Eric Graham
  • Stu McLaren
  • Jody Colvard
  • Tracy Childers
  • Rick Frishman

The hosts of this event have geared their questions to reveal marketing strategies that will work no matter what the current economy is like.

Be sure to find out more details at

But you shouldn’t waste any time as this telewebcast starts Tuesday May 6th and goes through Thursday May 8th. I’m excited being a part of this great series as I’m positive I’ll be taking notes from the strategies my friends will be revealing as well.

Do your self a favor and find out more now!

All the best and much success!

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