Adobe Flash Upgrade pushes McAfee scan

Forced Add-ons

OK, this is a bit of a rant but I find this SO annoying!

You go to install the suggested Adobe Flash update and if you’re not paying attention you get something more.

Adobe Flash Upgrade pushes McAfee scan

As you can see the check box is already checked by default. Why would you want to push someone else’s product on your clients or even put the burden on them to “uncheck” the unwanted item.

I can see maybe offering it with it unchecked kind of as an upsell of sorts but what does one have to do with the other?

As an end user do you automatically question why you would need a security scan after updating Adobe flash player? Also do you make people second guess even downloading the product all together? Do you stop and say oh wait I now have to read BOTH license agreement (like anyone really reads those) and then think well I don’t have the time for this and never upgraded?

I have nothing against either company but as an online marketer and business owner I know there are certain things we have to do to comply to online rules regarding website visitor permissions. In some cases we HAVE to provide a checkbox (unchecked of course) for things such as subscription payments or free trials rolling to paid subscriptions etc.

I just don’t think it’s a good policy to have these prechecked ride along forced downloads adding more clutter to are already cluttered hard drives.

Come on guys, let’s keep it clean and simple.

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