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If you own a account or are thinking about getting one and have questions then you will want to join me this Wednesday afternoon where I will be interviewing Christina Hills “The Shopping Cart Queen” on tips about using the 1 shopping cart system more efficiently to make the most out of your time and money.

I can’t think of any other person I know that knows more about the inner workings of the 1 Shopping Cart System. I call it a system because it is just that a complete system to run your online business. From your merchant processing, auto responders, client database, affiliate management and more.

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This is what Alex Mandossian has to say about 1 Shopping Cart and Christina’stalents.

“When it comes to a fast, easy and ultra-economical way to increase sales and profits online : 1ShoppingCart is the only e-Business solution I can honestly choose.

“If you want to learn how to get the most out of 1ShoppingCart, your only choice
is Christina Hills. As the Shopping Cart Queen, her no nonsense approach works!”

-Alex Mandossian
Heritage House Publishing, Inc.

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I hope you do this because Christina will be revealing some tips I think you will really benefit from. Once you register you will receive an eMail with the call in details be sure to tape this to your wall as a reminder for the call.

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All the best and much success and I will speak with you soon!

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