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My Teleseminar Series is kicking back into gear and I have some BIG interviews for you coming up. I do hope you are finding these fr~ee calls useful as well as educational.

The next call I have in store for you is already up and in place at:

This call is with my friend David Hancock, Founder of Morgan James Publishing.

David knows what its like to compete against established authors for a high-profile publisher’stime. He’salso familiar with the stigma attached to self-publishing. That’swhy he created his own publishing company for authors and entrepreneurs like you!

Morgan James Publishing provides worldwide distribution to over 90% of all retail bookstore outlets in the US and UK. With channels like Ingram, Bertrams,, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, BookSource, eBay, Google and many, many more, it’sno wonder Morgan James Publishing is so in demand!

Jay Conrad Levinson, the most widely read author of business books in the world with over 14 million sold in 41 languages, chose maverick publisher Morgan James Publishing over traditional publishers after seeing the International success Morgan James Publishing has had with business icons like Joe Vitale, Armand Morin, Dr. Robert Anthony, David Garfinkel, and others.

I do hope you will join David and I in this FR~EE teleseminar, you won’t want to miss it.

To get in on this call I you need to do is visit enter your question for David Hancock in the space provided next to his picture.

Enter your name and eMail so that we can send your call in details when they are ready, and then click the button.

That’sit! Of course this call is sure to be a sell out so make sure to get register and call in a few minutes early on the night of the call. And even if you can’t join us on Wednesday December 28th be sure to register so I can send you the online call replay.

We will be answering the most asked questions on this call and we’ll answer as many as we can in the 60 minutes we have available with David Hancock.

Get Registered today at and we’ll listen for you on the call.

Until then:.

All the best and much success in everything you do.

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