Just a quick reminder about the FR~EE interview I am having with David Hancock, founder of Morgan James Publishing.

This teleseminar will be Wednesday December 28th 6pm Pacific; 7pm Mountain; 8pm Central; and 9pm Eastern, where we will answer the most asked questions about self publishing your own book. Visit http://www.askthatone.com/ to register.

If you have ever thought about writing a book and thought it would be impossible you will want to listen in on this interview session with David. I will personally be asking him the most asked questions that have submitted been submitted at http://www.askthatone.com/ I hope yours is one of them.

I only have so many lines available for this call so you will want to be sure to get registered now and call in a few minutes early to make sure you get to listen in live. If for some reason you can’t make it at the time that I have scheduled with David still be sure to register so I can send you the replay when it is available.

With this being a fre.e call we will fit in as many questions as possible in the 60 minutes we have to speak with David. And then I will give him the opportunity to tell you about his services which many have already asked about. So take a second, go to http://www.askthatone.com/ post your question in the space provided; enter your name and eMail address so I can send you your call in details.

I look forward to hearing you on the call.

All the best and much success.

Frank Deardurff III – That One Web Guy
CoFounder of the Ask Database & Mastermind In A Box

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