Headlines – Are you sending the right message?

baby namesDuring a recent trip to one of my favorite stops (The book store) I ran across a popular series of books. One in particular caught my eye for some unknown Reason.

“Baby Names for Dummies” I’m thinking at first this was pretty comical, then my marketing side kicked in and thought surely they didn’t invest in any marketing tests for this title. I mean after all surely a soon to be parent wouldn’t want to label their child a Dummy by picking a name out of this book.

All kidding a side, I think one of the most overlooked areas when putting a product together is the title. I have several friends that are copy writers and I couldn’t count the number of discussions we have had about headlines and similar areas of copy that you should think as a headline. Like A book or product title as in this example.

Another place other than the obvious web page headline would be an email subject line. If you think of that key real estate as headline you just might get more people to open your very important email or even read your latest blog posts.

I have utilized a marketing tool (Ask Database) to run a quick marketing campaign on effective headlines for product titles, web site headlines, and have seen others run Ask campaigns for eBooks and Physical Books.

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I wish you all the best and much success in everything you do.

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