Weather in Indiana has been interesting this year so far as we’ve transitioned in and out of spring and even a day that has felt more like summer.

This morning while driving down the highway and experiencing an unusual mid April snow, I witnessed a small bird giving its all to fly into the wind without any headway.

This little guy, would not budge  and was suspended in mid air in that one spot continually flapping. (Ever feel this way?)

I see many people doing this in their everyday lives. Beating themselves up physically and emotionally trying to beat the stalemate with no avail.

We need, to remember that sometimes the obvious choice is not always the best path to achieve the destination we want to reach. We’re so focused on the goal that we don’t catch the roadblock in front of our face.

Other times just like this bird, if we slow down just a bit and take a few steps back, maybe those strong forces that are meeting us head on dies down and goes away. Or by stepping back just a bit we see that if we adjust a bit we can actually go around those obstacles.

Similarly to those “convenient” stores that have the double doors where one side is always locked  (generally the one you try first) we learn to quickly check the other door. We adjust our path and continue you on.

The next time you run into a challenge and feel you’re not making progress, remember, step back take a look at the situation, make adjustments and move on.


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