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How I Made A Product While Taking Work Breaks

I’m posting this today to share something that happened this week. I’ll TRY to keep it brief.

As far back as I can remember art has been a part of my life. Art competitions in Grade School & High Scool, Graphics related major in College, In fact, it was art that got me started in websites and marketing. (I’ll save that story for later.)

I heard several years ago from a coach/friend of mine about something called the Pomodoro technique. Basically, for every hour you work you set a portion of that time for a SHORT break.

About a year ago I finally decided to incorporate this technique with something I’ve done all my whole life “Doodling”.

This technique has not only help me focus on my daily tasks better but it has also helped my eyesight since in taking breaks every hour I’m refocusing my eyes at different distances instead of glued to the screen.

Okay, so to wrap this up…

Doodled coloring book both stackedThe main reason I’m writing to you today is to tell you that all of those “Doodles” I’ve been doing over the past year are actually something that is pretty trendy and I didn’t even know it.

I started posting some of my doodles online with friends and they wanted me to publish them.

Apparently, they are what some are calling coloring pages or books for grown-ups/Adults.I started noticing these EVERYWHERE so I said sure, why not, let’s give it a go.

So with that being said, I bring to you my Hand Drawn Doodled Coloring Book.

They are now available at the website

These are all my hand-drawn designs in a spiral bound book. They’re are spiral bound to lay flat, and since they have the spiral binding I’m releasing them in a left-handed and right-handed version.

I’m heard from many adults who say they still like to color. They find it relaxing and calming. If you color, curious if you could comment in the section below and let me know a few things are there certain patterns you like, do you use colored pencil, marker or something else?

Thanks so much and if you’d like to check out about the coloring book page visit –



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