How To Avoid Buffering

How To Avoid Buffering

Generally the term buffering applies to video streaming but I feel that it can apply to your business as well. In explaining what buffering is I’ll also explain how to avoid buffering in your business.

Buffering generally refers to an interruption or overload in your connection from the service provider to the device you are watching the video feed on.

Generally when buffering occurs it is suggested we make sure there isn’t other streams happening on the system; pause the stream and let the cache build up some data; or reboot the device you are watching from as it may have ran out of resources.

I know for me seeing that buffering message with the little spinning icon is one of the most irritating things. It usually happens once you get to the good part in your movie something good or exciting is about to happen and then …. buffering….

The same is true in our business we have things going well we have a feeling something good is about to happen and then … buffering,

We stall for a short time our wheels are spinning and we’re waiting for something to happen.

Ironically the same solutions can work for our business if we think about it.

Make sure there isn’t to much going on in our system(s).

Many times we over complicate progress by trying to do to much at once and we can’t focus on the one thing that matters most, achieving the goal. So by shutting down all the extra noise in the processes we can get a good flow happening again.

Pause and let the cache build up.

Some times when things hang up or to much is going on we get a bit overwhelmed. So by pausing and getting things in order we can get things back on track.

Sometimes a reboot is needed. 

Stopping everything and taking a fresh look at things will sometimes help as well. We get so focused on what we want the outcome to be we forget about looking at the whole process start to finish.

From being a troubleshooting stand point you have to start at the beginning and check all steps. Do you have power, Is it plugged in, is the cord secure on the device and so on. Many times we look at the problem we are experiencing not thinking about something very simple we may have missed early on.

If all else fails call the technician.

In the case above if your Internet service is streaming incorrectly you call your service provider and they send out a technician to further inspect the situation and get you back on track quickly.

The same is true with your business but who do you call? At this point you’ve probably figured it out on your own, maybe watched some YouTube videos.

What will help you the quickest is to get a one on one consult, or hire a business/website coach. Additionally there are mastermind programs that help answer the questions you are facing.

If you are in need of such services check out our coaching page.


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