Is your business hot enough?

Here’san update on the “Hotseat Call” on Monday (Today). 

On this call, Armand Morin will lead a team of internet marketing experts as
they critique (translate that as slash, trash, dice, and totally dissect) the websites
selected from those who’ve visited Site.

This is another of the preview calls to The Hotseat Seminar, which will be a
gathering on March 2 – 4 of the greatest minds in internet marketing who
will spend three days critiquing websites and teaching what makes an
internet business successful in every way – from generating high sales
volume to achieving top rankings on the search engines.

If you have an online business you want to take to the next level, this is
the ONLY seminar to come to. It’sa once in a lifetime opportunity to have
leaders in internet marketing focus on all aspects of WHAT WORKS IN INTERNET
MARKETING by analyzing actual businesses on the web.

Sign up for The Hotseat Seminar and its preview calls NOW and you may be one
of the lucky businesses chosen for a Hotseat.

There are two other calls planned this week. On Tuesday we have Alan
Bechtold, Jeanette Cates, and Marlon Sanders leading the Hotseat Team and on
Thursday we have Dave Lakhani, Deb and John Paul Micek, and Marlon Sanders.
The Thursday call will feature a critique of the website of Dr. Patch Adams
(yes, there really is a Patch Adams that the movie was based on).

Register for The Hotseat Seminar here:

Until then:. 

All the best and much success in everything you do 

Frank Deardurff – That One Web Guy!

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My Passion is my Faith, Family, Love for Music, Art and Photography. I myself have delivered many of my own training courses as well as webinars and teleseminars for many other coaching groups. I’ve also published a book titled “50 Biggest Website Mistakes”. Having many decades of experience in various forms of graphics and IT experience and aspects of online business, my vision is to help others overcome their fears and frustration with taking their businesses online and reach the next level of success.

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