I posted this post on my MySpace Blog and thought I liked the message of it and would post it here as well.

I originally posted it to explain why I chose the song I did for my Myspace page. Here’s the post….

I wanted to leave a comment about why I chose the song I have for my myspace page. If you listen to the song “RISE” By Lelia (Pronouced Lil-Ya) the song has a very positive message about following your dreams, listening to your heart and just being yourself and believing you are going to Rise to the top.

This song hits home so well with me, if you really know me this is the way I’ve lived and continue to live my life. You can’t let others knock you down but turn their negative comments into positive drive.

I so believe what the Secret talks about the attraction associated with positive thinking. If you think about the positive side of things you will remain positive.

For example don’t think why am I over weight, change that to think how can I be thinner. Change why am I failing to how can I be more successful. Think about each morning you woke up is a success you did get out of bed right?

Well I could ramble on and on about this topic and just may, but the whole Idea of this post was to comment about the powerfull song on my myspace page.

If you want to check out more about the talented Lelia Broussard visit http://leliabroussard.com/ if you want to read more about Me check out “MY” space at http://myspace.com/frank3d  

Thanks and I wish you much success in EVERYTHING you do!

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