Somebody’s Calling Me Names!

Ok in this case that’s a good thing!

In case you haven’t heard this weekend I became a Grandpa and I’m really excited.

This is a whole new chapter to our lives and we are so looking forward to it. Still not really sure what I’ll be called, Grandpa; Gramps; GrandDad.

loganJust to let you know my oldest Daughter Kellianne and her Husband Kyle gave birth to a BEAUTIFUL son this weekend Logan Alexander 8lbs 7oz 22 inches long.

Now i’m thinking about life and things I’m supposed to do as a grandpa, and kinda looking back at life to this point and reflecting a little and trying to make sure I do my part as a Grand Dad at set a good example for this little guy.

So without getting to sentimental or mush I’d like to say one thing (maybe two LOL)…

As an adult we must be positive examples for those who may be watching and modeling themselves based on what we do!

One of my most favorite quotes is by Benjamin Franklin “A mistake is truly a mistake if you learn nothing from it!”

In looking back I’ve tried to take that quote to heart. Look at what mistake I’d made, think about what I should have done and move forward. You gain nothing by dwelling on what you can’t change, but you gain everything by turning a negative into a positive.

I’ll be posting updates to my blog just in case you want to take a peak!

I’m still trying to figure out what my role as a GrandDad should be so I can be, I’d love to hear your comments on this as well as what your favorite “grandpa name is!”

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