Questions About Small Business Taxes

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In my most recent “Don’t Ask Frank” series I had the honor of interviewing my good friend Mauricio Martinez where he answered the most asked questions about small business taxes. We had some really great questions submitted and the interview actually lasted 90-minutes (30 minutes longer than planned) due to the fact that Mauricio went…

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Quick Website Tip You MUST read

This post is for people that own websites or visit websites, which these days is pretty much anyone correct? As you may or may not know I run a hosting company called That One Hosting – one of the biggest issues I see on any hosted sites is that people are running the WordPress platform…

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A change for progress

I just got back from a week long business mastermind retreat in Las Vegas. It was a great time with great friends and I think I achieved a lot from it. In the past I always focused on a specific project for these meetings but this time I decided to focus on the How not…

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