Free Stock Photo Sites

free stock photo sites

As we use more and more stock photos it seems our budgets are getting slammed with the price of the paid stock photo services. I know being a web guy, I use a lot of stock photos for my self and my clients. Many places when we use stock photos they are for social media,…

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Is Your Book Title Intriguing Enough

grabbing book title

This is part two in a three part series on 3 Tips for Better Book Cover Design if you missed part one click here. When the potential reader DOES look at your book cover and then reads the title, will the title intrigue them to want to read the sub title, or even flip the…

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Graphic Resources

Occasionally I’m asked about where I get my graphics and of course there is not just one source. Many of the graphics I create myself either from scratch or with added stock photos. For the stock photos I use either or As for the logos I don’t create myself I’ve used and…

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