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Not Very Beneficial

This mistake is directed at the sales page but could apply to an entire website. So many times we miss the boat with this one – we craft a nice looking page and have fairly decent sales copy on the page.  But, for whatever reason, we don’t seem to be getting the sales we think…

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Lost Pages – 404 Errors

“Page Not Found” This is something just about everyone has seen at one time or another if you’ve spent anytime online at all. The “web” term for these pages are called 404-pages. Now you are probably thinking why is a “page not found” or a 404 error page a website mistake, and that would be…

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Ready for 50 Biggest Mistakes?

Well it appears that my next course is nearly complete! Actually almost 2 products complete but the one I’m talking about is… “50 Biggest Website Mistakes – I see Online Business Owners Make” We are making the final tweaks on it and will be launching it very, very soon. Many of these tips are a…

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Website Video Mistakes

With more people using video on their website I see this next mistake over and over again. First let me state that I think use of video on your website is a good idea, as long as it is done correctly. Many times we see video that has been put on the page below the…

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