The Magic Story

My business partner (who just happens to be my cousin) is on a mission…

If you can help him out he’ll gift you a copy of “The Magic Story” I’ll explain what the magic story is in a second.

But first here’s how you can help…

Zach’s wife Ellen, entered a contest to design a sewing room. He told her she needed something unique to get the judges attention, so she made a design called “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses” and submitted it. (They have 8 children 6 of which are girls)

Well, she made the top 10! (of thousands of entries)

He told her that if she made the top 10 he’d do what he could to help her win (she’s currently in 3rd). So I thought I would help out as well.

Here’s where you come in…

FIRST go to:
vote for this one –> “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses by LRae”

Second visit

Paste the URL from the vote confirmation page in the space provided on Zach’s page.

After you submit that page you’ll instantly claim access to “The Magic Story” to download.

You don’t HAVE to vote to get The Magic Story but it is greatly appreciated. Just click here to download it if you want!

The Magic Story reveals the story of Sturtevant, a starving artist whose life was changed overnight after he purchased an old, ragged scrapbook for 3 cents. Within the scrapbook he found what he said was a “magic story”. Everyone he told the story to prospered by it. It seemed to change people’s lives for the better like magic.

I think you’ll enjoy the story and you’ll be helping out another family in the process.

Soooo: Go vote for her, please? (you COULD win a $500 fabric prize for yourself, or YOUR spouse, for voting: They could vote too: )
vote for this one –> “6 Daughters, 6 Wedding dresses by LRae”

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