Things You Should Know!

Things You Should Know! (Excerpt From The News Letter)

This might be a no brainer to some, but I see a lot of sites that have forgotten something very important and that is to add a title to their web page. The Title of the web page is displayed in the upper left hand corner of the browser application, generally right before the browser application name.

For example if you visited at the VERY top of the window you would see the words “Ask That One Ezine Queen – Alexandria Brown” and then the application name such as Internet Explorer or Firefox etc. Those words are called the “Title” of the web page and are very important to search engine listings, as many of the search engines look for keywords off your site there generally first.

This is proven to be a problem because we get in a hurry or add the title last so we can get the best keywords or page decription there and then it doesn’t get added before the page is uploaded to the web site.

Want to see how often this really happens? Go to your favorite search engine, (I will utilize google for this case study) and type in New Document – I received 606,000,000 results. Now try Untitled Document – I received 27,500,000 results. These two phrases are the most common because the two top html editors use those as the default for the title tag.

If you are looking at the source code of your site, the title tags are easy to find at the top of the page, generally within the first 10 lines of html code. It will look like this Untitled Document Make sure you update that area when putting your web pages online. It is always good to make sure you get some of your top keywords in the title of the page, as well as being descriptive, for what the page is about.

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