This past weekend I spoke at the Product Mastery Seminar it was a great event.

While I was there a very good friend of mine who was speaking there as well pulled me a side to show me a new project is just launching.

It just so happens that I’ve been asked about this resource by several of my other friends recently so I thought it was very cool that he shared this resource with me.

After he showed me his site I asked if he would allow me to tell you about it so that’sexactly why I’m writing this very moment.

Mike Stewart known by many as the internet audio/video guy has just launched two buck themes! Mike not only teaches about audio and video resources and marketing but also composes music as well.

On this site Mike creates 5 new royalty free audio clips that you can use for your audio replays, pod casts, videos, and any place you need an audio clip
to add some pizzazz to your existing audio.

Included with the audio, Mike provides new training sessions via a video so that you can better utilize audio and video. I’ve know Mike for many years now and he has always been know as the go to guy for audio resources.

You’ll want to check out this great resource I wish I’d had this resource years ago, at least I now know where to go the next time I need audio clips.

All the best and much success:

Frank Deardurff – That One Web Guy!

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