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A couple weeks ago I sent out an email about a webinar series I was hosting You may recall it was titled Web Site Crash Course. I covered getting started on the web online tools, hosting, domain names and more.

Fact is I didn’t tell the real reason about why I was providing the two-day webinar at such a low cost of $197. I had a few people even write and tell me it was unbelievable and there had to be a catch.

There wasn’t REALLY a catch there was no up sell no additional pitches, nothing more to buy what so ever. But here is the real reasons behind it…

I recently had covered the same content at a live event and several people wrote and said they couldn’t make it so I wanted to provide the same content on the web in a manner that I could record it and sell it as a product. (Most likely higher than $197)


Secondly I am getting ready to close on a new house and thought wouldn’t it be cool to create a product at a reasonable price chocked full of content and see if could actually get the internet to help pay for my new house.

I did record the even and the videos replays will be ready within the next two weeks as I am cleaning up the final videos and listing the resources mentioned during the training.

I wanted to give you one more chance to get the replays at the original price of $197 before it goes up when I launch next month!


The information I covered in this course is helpful for new and experienced online business owners. Visit the site look, listen and read the testimonials and topics covered.

The people that registered where able to call in for a bonus question and answer call which did not get recorded, BUT if you order now at this price just so that I can be fair to you I will schedule one more follow up Question and Answer session in July where I will answer questions related to any of the topics in this training which I will record and make available to you as a bonus.

So don’t wait the price will go up before the end of the month!

Make sure to check out the training video that is on the site which is just one example of what was covered in the course.

All the best and much success in everything you do!

Frank Deardurff  – That One Web Guy

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My Passion is my Faith, Family, Love for Music, Art and Photography. I myself have delivered many of my own training courses as well as webinars and teleseminars for many other coaching groups. I’ve also published a book titled “50 Biggest Website Mistakes”. Having many decades of experience in various forms of graphics and IT experience and aspects of online business, my vision is to help others overcome their fears and frustration with taking their businesses online and reach the next level of success.

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