Website Mistake – No Audio

no-audioIt’sbeen proven that people learn or process information differently some people are visual others are auditory and it’sa good idea to cover the bases when creating our websites.

In website testing we’ve seen a major conversion increase when we add audio to our web pages.

By adding audio to various places on our websites we help those who learn through auditory instruction consume the page, even website visitors that our visual learners, like the audio bytes that we add. It enhances the overall experience and they tend to consume more of the whole process.

Here are some ways that you should add audio to your website. First off when using an optin page it’salways a good idea to include an audio on that page. Having the audio auto start is a good idea but be sure to leave a brief pause at the beginning so that you don’t startle the visitor with a sudden blast of sound. This will cause them to leave the site quicker than anything.

Another place to utilize audio on your website is a welcome message on the sales page. Of course on the sales page there are multiple places you can add audio, including testimonials; about you; the guarantee; product description just to name a few.

You can also add audio on an exit survey asking them why the left with out buying. Another place to use audio in your sales process is on the order page. For example you could have an audio explaining the order process what to fill in and where to find the place order button. Also you might have an audio explaining an upsell or bonus offer.

The final place in the whole sales process is to have an audio on the thank you page, confirming that their order was placed and maybe expain to the visitor how to sign up for your newsletter or instructions on how to locate your blog.

For the most part, we as web site owners think most of the process is logical but we shouldn’t take for granted that our website visitors will understand the path we have put in place for them so the guided audio messages will welcome, explain, convince and confirm their experience with you as a website owner and in the end allow you to create more sales time after time.

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