A swipe file is basically a collection of copy that resonates with you.  It would make you buy or it would turn your head. It’s something that makes you go, “Wow.” It intrigues you to read further.

If it caught your attention, then chances are it would catch someone else’s attention as well. So you start collecting that copy from Web sites that interest you, from competitors. Start reading their copy and collecting it and start seeing what language they used to get connected to their prospects.

Newspapers, eMails, magazines, etc, magazines are great because they have short, snappy headlines and if you are standing in line at the grocery store, the magazines that are next to you, those people have spent billions of dollars to find out what makes people buy. That’s why you are in that prime real estate by the checkout counter.

So obviously that stuff works. That language works so pay attention to things like that that are around you. That’s what a ‘swipe’ file is and I didn’t know that was the name, but I started collecting that kind of stuff.

About the author:
Frank Deardurff III is cofounder of the Ask Database and has many information products that assist you in learning or creating your own information business online. This article is an excerpt from an interveiw with Lorrie Morgan Ferrero contained in the Product Ask That One Online Professional found at AskThatOne.com

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