What is Web PR and how does it increase traffic

PR can either stand for Press Release or Public Relations. People have some kind of general notion of what PR is, and yet PR has really changed and evolved within the last couple years, particularly on the web.

I am talking about submitting a press release via one of the online services which is the one-to-many model where you are sending out a press release once and it is going to tens of thousands of outlets.

The goal is to get exposure and to get media exposure. Yet, what is really exciting about this is that before, even when press releases were sent “over the wire,” people were really just going for one audience and that was really the media, the human audience.

With Web PR, you are reaching multiple audiences both on the human side and the robot side. You are reaching multiple search engines and directories and blogs and it’sa very effective tool to create awareness and traffic for your business.

The way it gets traffic is that you are using an online provider and they are sending it out using their software, their technology, their black box if you will.

What happens is your press release will appear in the new search engines and, it will appear in all sorts of different directories, blogs; there is a whole list.

When people search the search engines, they are going to find your press release and click on that headline. In some cases they will go to that press release page that appears in the provider you have chosen. In other cases it may go directly to your web site.

That is really the easiest explanation on how that gets traffic, but the key is to follow some very simple steps. Most people think of a press release as being very time sensitive. There is that old expression, “It is as worthless as yesterday’snewspaper.”

Yet, I have a different approach for press releases. I really believe in writing press releases that are more like articles because they have much longer life on the web.

Basically, what you are trying to do is to get your content, your story, your message on hundreds or thousands of other sites.

By creating a press release and doing it once and following some very simple steps, you can get that very broad and very quick exposure.

It is kind of like posting a small flyer like when you had the garage band, you would go and post a small flyer in all the stores and places with traffic to get them to come visit.

Now, utilizing web PR obviously it’sa lot easier because it is “point, click, click, cut, paste, submit;” one time.

This is an excerpt from my product Ask That One – Online Professional

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  1. Chris Swain on August 19, 2008 at 8:18 am

    Nice article Frank. I like the garage band flyer analogy.

    Do you know of any free PR sites that have get the word out?

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