AI art from Frank Deardurff showing a walk through a magical drean forest

A Quick Look at AI Art For Fun and Profit

I've been playing with AI art like millions of others. As an artist myself I love playing with different types of art methods. I always have.

as far back as I can remember I've experimented with different art mediums and as new technologies come out I have to try them as well.

Many don't know that my degree from college is based around drafting and CAD drawing which is short for Computer Aided Drawing.

Back in the early 80's, I was in one of the first CAD classes at the time.

The medium that is all the rage now is AI art. I've tried my fair share of the different programs. But, the one that I found the best for me is called Mid Journey. I've used this to create thousands of images. Some I've used on my T-shirt Store, create coloring books etc. I'll probably add a training module for AI art in my course on side hustles.

Today though I thought I'd share with you a recent video I created on my YouTube Channel demonstrating how to use my favorite AI program Mid Journey.

I'll post the video here or you can visit the channel and watch it there. Of course if you like my channel there be sure to subscribe to be notified as I release new videos. I cover a wide range of topics from online marketing, to art, and software and services reviews.

Anyway here's the video for you to watch.

About Frank Deardurff

My Passion is my Faith, Family, Love for Music, Art and Photography. I myself have delivered many of my own training courses as well as webinars and teleseminars for many other coaching groups. I’ve also published a book titled “50 Biggest Website Mistakes”. Having many decades of experience in various forms of graphics and IT experience and aspects of online business, my vision is to help others overcome their fears and frustration with taking their businesses online and reach the next level of success.

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