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Know What’s Going On

what's going on in your business

Here is a tool I use to know what’s going on in my business. It’s a free resource I think you will like and find useful for various reasons.

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Unhappy With Your Website?

I don’t think anyone is completely happy with their website. I know I for one am not. It seems there is always something that can be improved or tweaked to get better website conversion or better traction with the website visitor. We could constantly modify to get the best results like changing colors here or…

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Cool Things Happen

I recently found this site and REALLY liked it thought I would share here in my cool website category/tag. As a graphic artist I really appreciate the cool images also some cool ideas. I hope you like it as well. Check it out at

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Colors Affect Purchase

I’ve talked about this before but I feel it’s important to cover again because everyone is always looking for ways for better conversion and improving sales. In my post before I explained how website visitors are affected by different colors not just of how it appeals to them but how it psychologically affects them. Today…

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Video Posts with HTML5

Mobile video

I use quite a bit of video from day to day either on various blog posts or in membership sites for my self or for the clients I work with. A product I’ve been testing lately seems to be working really well it’s the video player from What I really like about this plugin…

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My Top Blog List

I was originally going to do this list awhile back, and make a list from nominated blogs (and I may still do that) but the list I have here is a list of blogs I actually check at least once a month, some of these I check more regularly than others and several I read…

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Cool File Sharing /Collaboration Tool

This is a tool that I use frequently. I’m on the go a lot and actually work off of 3 different computers for various reasons. Using this tool makes it real easy to get files from one to the other even if it’s to my pc downtown. OR sharing with a friend states away. Check…

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Web Images Too Big?

In my recent book “50 Biggest Website Mistakes” that I’ve just launched with Bret Ridgway, we talk about problems with website images one of them being website images being the wrong size and taking forever to load. If you’ve run into that issue you’ll appreciate this video. If you’d like to find out more about…

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Staying Productive No Matter What

Over the past week I’ve ran into some unavoidable interruptions in my daily procedures. Things where I had to be away from my PC and yes before I continue I did suffer from Discomgooglation which is symptoms when people are deprived of ability to get their Internet “fix.” Any way as I was saying  I…

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Color Scheme Designer

I thought I would show you this cool resource I’ve been using. And yes it’s totally free. Check out the resource yourself at Give it  a try and leave a comment as to what you think of it!

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That One Newsletter – July Edition

Well my newsletter is officially launched! Not exactly as quickly as I had hoped but I hope you find it useful. You can read the current edition at I’ll be posting the old archives again soon as I add more to the site. One thing I had forgoten was the formatting needed to make…

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Web”Master” vs Web”Designer”

This has been bugging me for sometime and I’m just curious what anyone else thinks about this! There are so many people out there that call them selves a “webmaster” when all they can really do is desing a good looking page, some not even that they take the content provided them and place into…

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