When I’m out and about I watch the billboards and advertising (more so when I’m not driving) mostly critiquing the marketing or lack there of. On occasion I catch something I think is cool either in the headlines or maybe design factors but mostly I look and pick out things I think could be better.

It just so happened recently I read one that made say out loud YES some one gets it.

The advertisement headline said “Rent To Own Your Next Car!”. I’m thinking this is pretty clever because they are taking a term that “leasing” which is confusing to many and making it quickly understandable for a broader market.

I’ve had this same discussion with others about other topics for example, in some industries they may understand the term “webinar” but for your industry you may need to say an “online training”. Or maybe the term “Seminar web cast” could be a live streaming web training”.

The thing is, find out what words YOUR audience uses and change the title or headline to make it something they understand.

If you are not getting the results you want look for headlines, titles or terms that maybe causing confusion and make a change. Many times we assume our visitors know what we are saying but in all actuality it’s just a matter of communication breakdown.

I’m curious what words or “titles” have you ran into in this situation. Go ahead and comment below with your situation.

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