I never make New Years resolutions but each year I focus on a phrase that will help me take the next step to being the person I want to be.

Many times that could be a single word such as “Focus” or “Simplify” and while I still continue to work on those things each January I add a new phrase.

This years phrase will be the hardest for me yet because it’s something I’ve struggled with for decades. The phrase for this year is “It’s okay to say No!” I know that sounds a bit odd to some but those of you that really know me understand why this is a struggle.

I’ve come to the realization that even though I want to help as many people as I can i’m in fact not helping anyone if I can’t get to everything that needs done. By saying NO occasionally I will actually complete the things I say YES to in a more timely fashion.

I work really fast but if I’m working really fast at all of the things I said yes to at once it takes a bit longer to complete everything. Kind of like the cook having pans on all of the burners trying to keep up with all of them sometimes it works and some times your scorch the gravy.

I have to come to the realization that people will be less offended if I say NO I can’t right this very moment then saying yes and taking longer than it should’ve to complete.

Also by saying No a little more will allow me some time to work on my online members area even more which helps more people in the long run. I’ve purposefully kept the price low so that people can afford to learn to do some of things they ask for my help on.

Anyway i’ve posted this here more for me because it makes it real. I’ve owned up to something I feel is a flaw and by making it real it makes it me want to fix it even more. Thanks for listening (reading) my ramble and understanding.

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