Are You Just Coasting?

coasting into the end of the year

So, we’re coming into the final stretch of the year and while some people coast into the end of the year, others are gearing up for the first of the year to hit the ground running. What is keeping you from starting off the next year with a bang? If you’ve not done it by…

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Realize for 2017

realize 2017

2016 was quite a busy year for me. I hope it was prosperous for you as well. In this post, I want to share what my hopes and plans are for the year ahead and beyond.

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How Do You Spend It?


This thought came to me as I look through my closet, across my desk and then also as I check spending habits on my bank statements. I’m thinking do I really need this, is it really worth the value that we’ve placed on it? So, I’ll ask you the same question, “How do you spend…

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My Focus for 2016


Each year I set out to make this year better than the last and to do that I focus on on a keyword or keyword phrase. If you’ve read my posts over previous years you would see that I’ve chosen words like “Simplify” or “Focus” last year it was the phrase “It’s Okay To Say…

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It’s Ok To Say No

say no

I never make New Years resolutions but each year I focus on a phrase that will help me take the next step to being the person I want to be. Many times that could be a single word such as “Focus” or “Simplify” and while I still continue to work on those things each January…

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Is Your Online Business For Real?

for real business

One of the biggest reasons why so many online business fail is they’re not taken seriously! People want the dream of working from home and making money with an online business but they don’t take themselves or their online business seriously.

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Website Content Out of Site Out of Mind


Welcome to the Frank Deardurff Show – It’s official – I’ve published my first podcast episode! As of this post I’m waiting for iTunes approval but I’m guessing it should appear there soon. You can listen below or on your favorite mobile device once we are approved. The plans are to publish this show every…

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Staying Productive No Matter What

Over the past week I’ve ran into some unavoidable interruptions in my daily procedures. Things where I had to be away from my PC and yes before I continue I did suffer from Discomgooglation which is symptoms when people are deprived of ability to get their Internet “fix.” Any way as I was saying  I…

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A change for progress

I just got back from a week long business mastermind retreat in Las Vegas. It was a great time with great friends and I think I achieved a lot from it. In the past I always focused on a specific project for these meetings but this time I decided to focus on the How not…

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