Here is a quick tip for you today!

More and more people are ditching their computers and checking websites via mobile devices, most commonly their phones.

One area that many websites today are missing the mark is by not having their website mobile friendly when it comes to the contact phone number.

You have your phone number on your website because you WANT them to call you, and it just so happens they have their phone in their hands so why not make that call a click away instead of making the potential customer work for it.

By adding just a bit of html code to your phone number you can make that happen.

Where you have your phone number on your site make it a hyper link (text link) with this one little difference.

By adding the “tel:” to the phone number in the hyper link they mobile device allows it to just dial right away saving your customer from having to remember or write it down before calling.

I hope you found this website tip useful for your business.

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