Make Website Phone Number Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly phone number

Here is a quick tip for you today! More and more people are ditching their computers and checking websites via mobile devices, most commonly their phones. One area that many websites today are missing the mark is by not having their website mobile friendly when it comes to the contact phone number. You have your…

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Website Date

Ok this isn’t what it sounds like… It’s not some promotion for a website dating service just a quick tutorial on how to add todays date on your webpage. When creating a sales letter web page we like to include today’s date it creates the thought that the page is fresh and new and is…

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Order & Submit Buttons

I see this mistake quite a bit or maybe I don’t! So many times I see order buttons and form submit buttons that don’t appear to be buttons. Many web designers will make great looking graphical buttons to “match” the design of the rest of the site. While these buttons might look nice they aren’t…

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