McAfee acquires HackerSafe

Hacker Safe / Scan AlertIt’s official McAfee has finalized the acquisition of Scan Alert. I use this service on my critical ecommerce sites such as Ask Database and That One Corp. Here is the official release from McAfee:

We are pleased to announce that the acquisition of ScanAlert, Inc by McAfee, Inc. is complete. McAfee, Inc. is the leading dedicated security technology company and is helping keep online shoppers safe from identity theft and credit card fraud. ScanAlert’s web site certification and HACKER SAFE technology, compliments McAfee’s exclusive safe search and surf technology, McAfee SiteAdvisor, which has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

You may have questions about the impact of this acquisition on your current agreements and relationships. ScanAlert customers will see little to no change in contract terms. We will continue to offer you the same sales and technical support you have received in the past. Your account relationships and support infrastructure also remain unchanged.

In 2008, we will be introducing service improvements that will help increase the value you have already received from the world’s most viewed trustmark. We will also be bringing exciting new benefits to the HACKER SAFE community.

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